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It’s a big Phuket Island, offering all manner of things to do. It’s surprising that so many holiday makers, who are trying to get away from it all, soon get bored with that dreamy combination of a perfect beach, a comfortable hotel room and great food. After a few days, most people want more. They want to go places, to see how the local people live and to experience new things.
Happily with Phuket being a large island, about 50 kilometers long, there are all sorts of interesting s to do here. Below we offer some suggestion.

– Jungle Trekking
With most of rainforest on Phuket long since eaten up by rubber plantations, it is not easy to find ideal trekking grounds. Again it’s best to sign on with company providing this service. Often they take their trekkers right off Phuket into neighbouring Phang Nga province, where some beautiful areas of forest remain.

– Visit Wats (Buddhist Monasteries)
All Buddhist Monasteries are open to the public during the day, and visitors are usually welcome. Since these are active holy places of worship, and the residence of monks, visitors should show respecting keeping well dressed and remaining quiet, Mum and Dad; keep the kids on a leash and always be culturally sensitive.

– Phuket Town
Phuket town is small but incredibly interesting; a potpourri of different cultural influences of markets and shopping centers, restaurants and other entertainment facilities. Anyone spending a few days on Phuket Island should take time to visit, be it for sight-seeing, cultural or historical interest or shopping.

– Spas
Massage and herbal steam rooms Health resorts, spas and herbal saunas are proliferating, and some fine example offering a wide range of treatments are now found on Phuket. Thailand has its own traditional herbal saunas, and there are several local ones around the island. While many large and resorts now feel they are incomplete without a spa, there are also several independent establishments.

– View Points
Phuket’s most famous view point, Lame Phrom Thep at the very bottom of the island, is on the ‘must see‘ list for every Thai visitor to the island. Thus it attracts a fleet of tour busses and car each evening as people come to witness the sun fall into the Andaman Sea. Indeed, it’s often a spectacular sight, but there are many quieter places. The view point on the hill behind Kata Noi attracts fewer people and when the heavens turn red, the view from any of the beaches can also be spectacular.