About Cultural in Bangkok

Temple tours/Historic tours

Discover three of Bangkok’s finest temples and tourist attractions: Wat Traimit houses a striking 3-metre tall golden buddha statue. Wat Pho houses the highly revered giant reclining buddha and traditional Thai massage school. Combine a tour to the two temples above with a visit to the grand palace. Inside its 61-acre complex, you’ll encounter sites rich with Thai culture and vibrant in its history.

Local arts and crafts

With skills that are passed down for generations, the art of Thai crafts has long been a reflection of thai people’s creativity and ingenuity. The intricate detail and meticulous methods is a display of inventiveness, and the elaborate designs proof of perseverance.

Traditional dances & musicals

Aksra theatre is a prime example, with its unique and colourful combination of exquisite Thai puppetry and other forms of entertainment such as orchestral performances and classical dances, Aksra theatre is another place to enjoy a rare elegant thai traditional performance in Bangkok.