In Room Floating Breakfast


Floating tray, SALA signature breakfast items, drinks and much more.

Unwind and enjoy a luxurious floating breakfast in your own private pool! Served on a floating tray, this sumptuous  breakfast includes freshly baked house-made croissants with SALA preserves, tropical fruit platter, granola with yoghurt, freshly squeezed juices and a choice of premium teas and coffee.

You can choose from any of the signature SALA Made-to-order specialties: such as the healthy avocado on charred bread with poached eggs and smoked salmon or our Thai breakfast specials.

For the ultimate indulgence, your floating breakfast can be accompanied with sparkling wine or Champagne.

Floating pool Tray charge                          THB 1,177 net (if ordered without sparkling wine / Champagne)
Zardetto private cuvee                               THB 2,059 net (Includes floating tray charge)
Non-alcoholic sparkling beverage          THB 2,059 net (Includes floating tray charge)
Taittinger prestige brut Champagne     THB 4,472.60 net (Includes floating tray charge)