Best Restaurants & Dining Venues at SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort

SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort offers an exceptional array of International and Thai cuisine from a variety of dining outlets and locations as well as an entertaining mix of themed menus throughout the week.
Our Phuket beach bar offers oversized daybeds to enjoy the breathtaking sunset as you enjoy your drink from an extensive beverage menu.

Our SALA Restaurant once again has been selected for inclusion in the prestigious Thailand Tatler’s Thailand’s Best Restaurants 2019. This is the fourth consecutive year that the SALA Restaurant at SALA Phuket Mai Khao Beach Resort has achieved this outstanding accolade.

Thailand Tatler Awards symbolise all that is celebrated in the sphere of great restaurant dining and hotel services.

Thailand Tatler Awards are given in recognition of excellence and benevolence in the field of exceptional service and cuisine. These awards follow a stringent form of excellence standard that will manifest the good levels of the company’s standards and quality.

What makes these Tatler awards so iconic and telling on the standards and fine nature of the brand that the SALA Restaurant stands for!

There are several parameters that these awards follow to bring out the goodness to each participating restaurant.

Excellence in Cuisine – it celebrates the standards and quality of each cuisine type giving due credence and value to the nature and amount of the ingredients used. The quality in taste, flavour, consistency in the seasoning and overall dish presentation has a delightful impression on the sensory and palate. There is impeccable and adorable cutlery that makes the dish appreciated by several connoisseurs and diners.

Excellence in Service – there is an attached sense of professional etiquette to the services provided in its chic ambience which adds an extra level of excellence to the décor and the passion to enjoy great meals in quiet and serene surroundings enhanced with amazing textures and visuals of high quality decorations.

Impressive Choice By Readers and Diners – there is more weight to these awards as they reflect the preferences of the readers and diners impressed by the exceptional and professional service of the Restaurant.