SALA Farmlife

SALA FARM reveals a picturesque tapestry of luscious vegetables, aromatic herbs, lively chickens, quacking ducks, and playful goats. The SALA FARM proudly showcases a live composting station, transforming what was once considered food waste into something worth celebrating. Harnessing the power of organic fertiliser and charcoals derived from tree cuttings found within the expansive property grounds, this ingenious system eliminates the reliance on harmful chemicals in the cultivation of fresh produce.

SALA Farmlife, Our new project which will support sustainability, share our passion for great ingredients and find ways in which we can close the gap from farm to table.

Guests of SALA Phuket can now experience the benefits of this exciting new project, not just through the menus, but also through a range of fantastic activities. These include…

  • Khrua Nai Suan Cooking Class
  • SALA Farm to Table dinners
  • Freshly collected organic eggs available at breakfast
  • Animal feeding activities as part of our SALA FARMLIFE Tour
  • Garden to Glass cocktail menu
  • A range of other fun children’s activities